Nikon J1 Digital Camera Review

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What follows is a quick overview of the video capabilities of the Nikon J1. Read our comprehensive analysis and testing results in greater detail at


The J1 is Nikon’s first foray into the world of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. This means its Nikon’s first compact camera that can record video and use a variety of different lenses—something that is sure to excite budding videographers. The camera did a decent job in our video tests, but what we liked most were its excellent set of manual controls in video mode.

Color & Noise

In our video testing, the Nikon J1 captured brilliant colors with excellent accuracy. The camcorder earned a color error of 3.02, and we consider anything around 3.0 to be very good (even for DSLRs). The saturation level was 105.9% in our test, which is also a very good score—and quite a bit higher than the competition from Panasonic and Samsung. This color accuracy score from Nikon is the best we’ve seen in a while from an interchangeable lens camera, be it a mirrorless model or true DSLR. See our full color performance review, including color swatches and crops.

Never too small for great quality

Never too small for great quality

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